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Computer Diagnostics Centre

In modern motor vehicles, the proportion of electrical and electronic vehicle components is constantly rising. This development provides new challenges to the workshop. Fast, error-free fault localisation is of decisive importance to the workshop with regard to quality and economy. For this purpose, the new vehicle system testing generation from Bosch provides the diagnostics platform of the future.

Complete system for effective diagnostics

The motor system testers from Bosch offer the workshop a universal complete diagnostics system.

  • The signal generator permits testing of sensors, including feeds and plug-in connections when installed
  • Component testing – for the exact localisation of faults where measurement technology and display are set to the respective component, which is then tested without being removed, thereby avoiding time consuming and expensive replacement components
  • The engine test, with its extensive range of sensors, can manage all of the functions of classical engine analysers for measuring engine-related signals, such as primary and secondary ignition signals, triggering signals for firing module, speed, cylinder-1-synchronisation and setting the moment of ignition
  • The control unit diagnostics permits reading out faults memories in the vehicle electronics system, thus localising the cause of a problem
  • The modular system layout allows for adaptation to existing diagnostics systems and the step-by-step expansion to a comprehensive workshop testing system

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